A Comedy of Errors?

I was supposed to have an interview tomorrow. But this morning, 24 hours before it was due to take place, the government body in question emailed me to say that the interviews had been put on hold because of ‘budget constraints’. It didn’t take long for Con-Demn’s cuts to hit me then. I should have seen it coming though; the application process for this job has been the worst I’ve ever encountered.

I applied for the job on February 16th. Six days later I received confirmation of my application. On March 2nd I received another confirmation, and notification that shortlisting would take place by March 12th. If I hadn’t heard by then I was unsuccessful. But on March 12th they emailed to say that the shortlisting would take place on March 18th…seeing a pattern yet? I heard nothing on the 18th and felt quite miserable. This was an editorial manager’s job; I’d done it for years, I could do it standing on my head, with my eyes closed and my feet in a bucket of porridge. If I wasn’t even being shortlisted for this then, hmm, the market was much worse than I thought and I needed to think fast about my contingency plans. Like how to pay the mortgage. And eat.

The next morning I received another email. They hadn’t actually shortlisted yet, because someone in the recruitment team was ill. So I hadn’t been rejected. They emailed me a few more times to say ‘sorry, but they hadn’t progressed any further’ and then they finally told me, on April 21st, that shortlisting would take place on the 27th. And hallelujah, they kept to that date and, as I set off for my UN interview, I discovered that I was on the shortlist.

On May 13th they confirmed that my interview would be on May 27th and asked me, ha, to email by return (their stress) that I could make it. Reader I didn’t. I could have done but, do you know what, I thought they could bear to wait a few days after making me wait three months.

I’ve spent every evening this week reading their website, answering and mocking up questions and as I walked to my freelance job this morning I felt very well prepared. And then they sent me their last email: it was cancelled. I’m cross but oddly not surprised. After all, they’re not very efficient. I always keep emails relating to a job app, but I’ve never had fourteen to keep before. No wonder the government wants to cut their budget.


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